Water Well Trust Receives USDA Household Water Well Systems Grant Third-Party Certification Takes Effect in Wisconsin USGS Study Explores Impact of Pharmaceuticals on Groundwater NSF Develops Standard to Address Pharmaceuticals, Other Contaminants in Drinking Water USGS Begins Drilling ‘Sentinel’ Wells in New Mexico
October 29, 2014
Through a joint development with Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS), Haier Group has commercialized the first Casarte eco-friendly washing machine using Dow... more
October 29, 2014
With Ebola protocols developing almost daily in the public health sector, the American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) will offer a timely webinar focusing on risks and precautions... more
October 28, 2014
Bluewater announced that it launched a library of instructional videos to help customers using its appliances. The short films, available on Bluewater’s YouTube... more
October 28, 2014
Long-term drought and declining snowpack levels are stressing Arizona’s overgrown forests, not only leading to severe fire threat but also changing the water cycle. Now, new... more
October 29, 2014
In today’s on-the-go lifestyle, bottled water is a convenient, healthy hydration choice. The International Bottled Water Assn. (IBWA) works not only to encourage Americans to... more
October 29, 2014
When considering an integrated marketing program, or even looking for a powerful low-cost medium, e-mail marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient marketing vehicle.... more
October 29, 2014
Before Casey Taylor become president of Waterlogic West, he worked for Taylor Made Water Systems, a family-run business in Northern California started by Taylor and his... more
October 29, 2014
Water scarcity is a universal and growing issue. With huge projected population growth, this problem will only continue to increase. The World Economic Forum reported that... more
October 29, 2014
Radiological contamination of water is due to the presence of radionuclides, which are defined as atoms with unstable nuclei. In an effort to become more stable, a... more
In the early 1980s, Bob Hoey earned his certification as both a Water Quality Assn. Certified Water Specialist and Certified Sales Representative. He said he was the only... more
Before Casey Taylor become president of Waterlogic West, he worked for Taylor Made Water System, a family run business in Northern California started by Taylor, his father... more
NMP Water Systems has been around since 1985, but the company today hardly resembles that of 30 years ago. Originally, the NMP name stood for Nature’s Market Place, a whole... more
“The water business is in my blood,” said Jay Hellenbrand, president of Advanced Water Solutions, Ventura County, Calif., about his passion for the water industry. And indeed... more
aquasana_filter pitcher

This ½-gal pitcher removes 96% of chlorine and contaminants from tap water in just a few seconds. It is simple to use—just fill the pitcher and fasten it to the gallon dispenser. Store the sleek, slim-line pitcher in the refrigerator or leave it on the docking station at room... more

  • aquasana_filter pitcher
    This ½-gal pitcher removes 96% of chlorine and contaminants from tap water in just a few seconds. It is simple to use—just fill the pitcher and fasten it to the gallon dispenser. Store the sleek,...
    aquasana_filter pitcher
  • hankscraft_water softener
    The eco-friendly Elements Series RevV4 high-efficiency water softener system uses the RevV4 control valve with upflow regeneration and high-efficiency media that reduce water and salt usage during...
    hankscraft_water softener
  • modern water_hydrocarbon monitor
    The PetroChek portable or online crude and refined hydrocarbon monitor can be used to detect hydrocarbons in freshwater and marine environments. It can be used for a wide range of applications. It is...
    modern water_hydrocarbon monitor
  • procleanse_pou drinking water filtration system
    This patent-pending POU water filtration device produces drinking water without frequent maintenance, chemical additions or component replacement. The system traps and neutralizes contaminants...
    procleanse_pou drinking water filtration system
  • blue white_peristaltic metering pump tubing
    BlueFlex-A-Prene heavy-duty pump tube, available exclusively for Flex-Pro and Proseries-M peristaltic metering pumps, has been carefully engineered and designed for optimum performance and pressure...
    blue white_peristaltic metering pump tubing
  • watts_chlorine chloramine filter
    The ChloraBlock filter is a cartridge filter that provides four times the chloramine-reducing capacity and twice the chlorine-reducing capacity of standard carbon blocks. Key features include a large...
    watts_chlorine chloramine filter
  • neologic_stainless steel filter housings
    Neo-Pure stainless steel filter housings provide filtration with flow rates from 7 gpd to 1,600 gpm. Each housing is constructed in the U.S. out of sturdy 304L or 316L stainless steel for maximum...
    neologic_stainless steel filter housings
  • UV Superstore has announced new models in its BA Series line of UV water disinfection systems. Five models are now available, and they feature new flow rate options. With easy installation and flow...
  • pentair_dealer sales app
    The Water Treatment Benefits App serves as a digital playbook where dealers can customize individual pitches to homeowners. This easy-to-use technology can help increase close rates and decrease...
    pentair_dealer sales app
  • enpress_pou housings filters
    POU Series housings and filters, part of the ONE Filtration Simplified product offering, are designed for simple and easy installation while being ecofriendly. The filter housing is reusable once the...
    enpress_pou housings filters
Commercial environmental laboratories analyze large numbers of samples per day using approved methods, and produce data that need to be technically sound and legally... more
Shimadzu’s next-generation online TOC-4200 analyzer offers new functionality for expanded applications, upgraded communication methods, enhanced data handling and low... more
Consisting of PC-controlled and standalone models, Shimadzu’s TOC-L Series offers a selection of performance features and options to meet the specific requirements of total... more
Axeon Water Technologies offers a line of proprietary chemicals specially formulated to minimize the harmful effects of foulants, maximize the efficiency of systems, and... more

Testing for heavy metals at parts per billion levels is essential to meet international established limits. To meet this need, ANDalyze Inc. has... more

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern Today’s buyer has taken control of the sales cycle. With access to the Web and the information...
ARCHIVED ON DEMAND Social media is not just a new way of marketing – it’s a new way of working. Push-pull marketing is the balance between growing...
There is just more than one month left to nominate Industry Icons to be featured in WQP’s special anniversary... more
Another element may soon be added to the list of contaminants to watch out for in drinking water: strontium.... more
Like all water treatment dealers, Bob Hoey of Water Doctors in Minnesota – WQP’s Dealer of the Month for... more
Are you planning to launch a new website soon? Many companies held off on building new websites through the... more
Imagine settling into your favorite restaurant, pub or even lunch counter. You are hungry or thirsty, and... more
Getting found on the Web is harder than it has ever been. Ensure that you are covering the basics of your Web... more

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