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Alaska starts water projects
Sep 19 2017
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it is awarding more than $16 million to Alaska’s drinking water and clean water revolving...
Colorado proposes PFC limit
Sep 18 2017
Colorado health officials have proposed to set a state limit to prevent groundwater contamination. Recently, local groundwater was contaminated with...
multi-parameter sonde
Sep 18 2017
The Hydrolab HL7 is a water quality multi-parameter sonde that provides dependable water quality data by using proven sensor technology, metadata and...
Shukri Elmazi
Sep 15 2017
With increased national focus on lead in drinking water, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new regulations to modify the...
Tips for writing blogs for your website & brand
Sep 15 2017
While many online marketing opportunities are available to small business owners these days, nothing is more tried and true than the blog post. Good...
Improving RO performance with prefiltration
Sep 15 2017
Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology is an important and widely used technology for water treatment. Used in many industries, the technology has...
Getting beneath the surface of emerging contaminants
Sep 15 2017
The human body is one of the most complex and nuanced organisms on the planet. Our existence and consciousness depends on a constantly changing...
Designing a water treatment solution for a rural First Nation community
Sep 15 2017
Alderville First Nation, a small community located approximately 90 miles east of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has taken an important step toward...
Trinity County warns of drinking water contamination
Sep 15 2017
Trinity County, Calif., established a drinking water advisory. Two large fires—the Helena Fire and the Fork Fire—in Trinity County have compromised...

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Tuesday, the White House released its budget proposal. While most of the national news has highlighted the cuts to Medicaid, Food Stamps and other...
It has been almost one month since we were in Orlando for the Water Quality Assn. Convention & Exposition, and we keep thinking back to our time...
With the doors open Wednesday, the show floor flooded with people. We had a walk of the floor and talked to a lot of great people—some new faces and...